Is generic version of Phentermine more popular than the brand version?

Yes, generic version of Phentermine is the most popular one compared to the brand version. There are many reasons behind this and let us discuss one by one.

Generic Phentermine is inexpensive

Adipex is the name of the brand drug and it is very expensive. This is the first to be introduced in the market hence they would set a premium price for the pills. Not everyone could afford this medication as it has to be taken for quite a long period of time. Only after the introduction of generic Phentermine, most of the obese people started to procure it. Even those who were already taking the brand drug switched to the generic ones after knowing its price.

This weight loss medication immediately grabbed the attention of people and the main reason is the price.

The best quality

Though the cost of the medication has reduced to a greater extent, there will be no change in the effectiveness that a person achieves while taking Phentermine. This is due to the quality of the drug. Before launching the generic pills, the authorities would make the generic drug manufacturers prove their medication to be safe for the consumption.

Even the generic Phentermine undergoes stringent tests before a person starts to take it. So, there will be no compromise on the quality of the medication.

Easy access to the drug

Phentermine can be bought from both online and offline pharmacies. Even the smallest drugstore would have this medication in their stock for sure. But this is not the case with Adipex, these pills are priced high so have less amount of customers compared to the generic ones. So, it is little difficult to get Adipex pills immediately.

Different dosage strengths

Unlike the brand drug, it is possible for the person to get Phentermine medication with different dosage strengths. However, the ideal dose for an average person remains to be 37.5 mg. There are few people who require only less dose and for them, the generic pill would be the best.

What variant of the medication should you opt for?

You can opt for the variant of the medication after analyzing its pros and cons. It is very easy to do. But, it might be little difficult to understand about which drug would be effective in you.

In this case, you might take both the variants of Phentermine at different periods and come to know about it in practice. Choose the drug that helped you to control your cravings and made you lose weight.

If you find that both the variants work for you, then you are very lucky. You can go on this medication. In this way, you can save a lot of money as well as lose the weight that you always wished for.

We have mentioned that generic Phentermine is more popular version than the brands of Phentermine so you would know that so many people are taking it. If you are an obese person then you can be one among them.