Is Phentermine Addictive?– A study Says about Weight Loss Pill

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A girl suffers from phentermine addictiveA study said that Phentermine weight loss pill is less addictive compared to other medications. The appetite suppressant that is similar to amphetamine is believed to have the same addictive effects. There are other weight loss medications available on the market today that help triggers weight loss by working as a stimulant. However, medical researchers have made the conclusion based on a study that weight loss medication is considerably less addictive when compared to all the other obesity drugs out there.

The misconception about Phentermine Weight loss pill

The reason for the misconception about Phentermine is that since the drug works in similar ways to an amphetamine, the addiction and withdrawal symptoms that occur when suddenly discontinuing the medication are also considered to be the same. A recent study that was undertaken by the Center for Weight Management, California, debunked this myth. The study results demonstrated that even those patients who had been taking the pill for years together did not experience any amphetamine-like effects. Usually, abruptly stopping the use of amphetamine can cause withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache, irritability, trembling, depression, and changes in behavior, to name a few. This occurs more commonly if the person is addicted to amphetamine. However, the moderated use of the appetite suppressant Phentermine does not result in addiction.

This drug is relatively safer than what is assumed about the drug. The weight loss medication was introduced at a time when the FDA’s stringent drug safety practices were not the same as how it is now. The introduction and withdrawal of the combination drug ‘fen/phen’, which brought on severe side effects, added a slight hint of mistrust towards brand weight loss medication. The oral anorexiant can be taken in a safe manner by following the dosing guidelines provided by the doctor. Some countries may have discontinued weight loss medication Phentermine, but it is still available in the US and can be used for the effective fat burner.

What is the right way to take weight loss pill to avoid Phentermine Addiction?

taking phentermine correctly

The medication is typically prescribed for short-term use of not more than twelve weeks so that the drug can help in kick-starting the weight loss plan. Long-term use of the pill should be followed only if advised by the doctor to do so. Take the single dose as early in the day as possible so that its stimulant effects work throughout the day and do not interfere with sleep by that it would help to prevent Phentermine addiction withdrawal symptoms. And also consult with the healthcare provider before you stop taking Phentermine weight loss medication to determine if dose reduction is required or not. It is not likely to become addicted to the medicine or experience severe withdrawal symptoms in some manner or the other unless you are abusing the drug. Weight loss for fitness can be done without experiencing any of the Phentermine addictive effects.