Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of the users is a top priority for this information site. Any details that they are providing us are kept safe and secure. This site has set up expert team who is responsible for this activity. The information that is gathered from the users is kept in a secure network.

It is difficult for the third parties or intruders to get through the network and misuse the details. This is easily possible only because of the usage of the top technologies and the expert team who handles it with perfection.

We would not be collecting any bank details from you. So any form that pops up and asks you to fill such information has to be omitted. Even though only name, mobile number, age, gender and much more details are collected from the users we still provide high security for it.

This site would never sell the information to the third parties at any cost. In fact the percentage of leakage of the details is very minimal. However, if there is court order to produce the detail of the users then we would be following it. In addition to the personal information, we would also collect some non-personal details. These are known as cookies and even these are kept safe from others.

If you receive any call to the registered phone number or if you get any mail to the registered email id and asks to share your information then you have to kindly avoid it. Except for the customer identification form we would not be collecting any information from you at any cost. If possible please take a screenshot and notify us. We would have a deeper look at the situation and sort it.

Those who are using the website should not comment or put review in an abusive way. Usage of pornographic or any such words on the website are not encourageable. To avoid nuisance being created to others we would be forced to delete your account from the website. Due to this you would miss the opportunity to read the updated in the site. If the damage is very high then you would face legal trouble.

At any chance if you are going to get another users password you are not supposed to misuse it. Even the readers are not supposed to share such details to other people. Never write down the password or save it in the phone. There is high chance for it to be leaked through these activities.

We might revise the policies from time to time. This is done for the betterment of the individual’s security. This site holds complete rights to alter, delete or do any changes in the policy. We would not send you a mail prior to the changes.

Though we have the best privacy policy and a dedicated team who works to safeguard the details we would still not guarantee on the information. If any detail is found to leaked or missed then you have to take responsibility over this and not us.